Yerik International

Environmental and Social Policy

Yerik is committed to it’s responsibility towards the society and Environment. The CMD’s vision is highlighted with his own words.
“In today’s era, when the life is tough for one and many, we as a specie, need to support each other and protect our environment for future generations, such that the it create equal opportunities for all, harness talent and achieve collective growth and safety.
Yerik hall always work on the ideology of collective and inclusive growth.”
To support our commitment, Yerik is one of the limited companies to achieve, ZERO LIQUID DISCHARGE and ZERO SMOKE EMISSION. Yerik has spend more the 150,000 USD to achieve the ZLD / ZSM status and has allocated double the amount in budget for further improvements. This amount shall be spend to convert existing technology into more greener work environment and minimum pollution footprints.
Yerik has also offered the possibility of using Cardboard and Steel Pallets, as a alternate to the Wooden/Ply pallets. Eliminating use of wood is one of our prime objective.
On the social front, Yerik runs a employment programme in all nearby villages and township. Employees from as far as 100kms are commuting daily for work.
Yerik also has a tie up with major Engineering colleges and Universities for Campus hiring of Fresh talent, Student Traning Programs etc.
Yerik is providing Health Insurance to all its employees and their families and is covering the cost of medical emergencies.
Yerik has an Interest Free Loan program for its employees for any unprecedented emergencies.
Yerik has a employee Blood Group database and is co-operating with anyone in need to blood donations , in tie up with local hospitals.
Yerik , vide its CMD, is also involved in Sports promotion activities and he is heading prestigious Ludhiana Badminton Academy, which is identifying young players, parting initial training program and sponsoring them at higher national and international levels.
Yerik has a Training and Reward program for its employees, with First Aid and Fire Fighting modules. Below are some highlights of such programs :